T3 brand update
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The preferred brand of T3, Cynomel made by Grossman, is out of stock and on back order in the various pharmacies that many of us use.  This is apparently due to the factory moving and delays getting approval for restarting the production line. None of us are sure when, or if, the production will restart, and many of us miss it a lot.

Since then I have tried 2 more brands of T3. They do work, they are available, but they are weaker. I have put this page together with photos and my personal interpretation of the strength based on how I feel, and how many I need to take to feel well, compared with the Grossman. I have also included photos of the Grossman for reference.

Grossman Cynomel

This is the best value for money and strength when it is available. It comes in glass bottles of 100 tablets of 25mcg strength. It is made in Mexico.

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The tablets are slightly domed and scored to be broken in half.

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This has remained available while Cynomel became unavailable. It is made by AbdiBrahim, a Turkish Manufacturer who's English website is here

It is shipped in blister packs with 25 tablets on each blister and 4 blisters in a box making 100 tablets. They are nominally 25mcg each tablet.

Subjectively it is weaker than Cynomel with each tablet equivalent to 20mcg rather than 25 making 4 Tiromel tablets equivalent to 3 Grossman.

Photos of the packaging and tablets are shown below. The tablets are parallel sided with a very slight chamfer on the edge. They are scored for breaking in half.

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These are nominally 75mcg but are substantially weaker than that in practice. They are in blister packs with each blister holding 10 gel capsules and 3 blisters to a box.

I find that a "nominal 75mcg capsule" feels equivalent to 35mcg of Grossman meaning they are around half their marked strength compared with Grossman.

Although they are not claimed to be sustained release T3, they seem to kick in slower than the tableted T3 products I have taken.

They cannot be split or taken sub-lingually.

They are made in Mexico by Medix (Google translate does a good job on this page)

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